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Products & Services:

Shemax Trading saves mines and Industries in Southern Africa and is recognised as an efficient supplier of reputable high quality products and superior service.

Over the years we have forged partnerships with various manufacturers and in doing so we have become a leading supplier of quality products to the various sectors. These include First National Battery, Trident SA, Wayne Plastics, Beier Safety and Locomotion.

Our diversified portfolio of products enables us to meet customer requirements across industries.

Our wide range of products includes:


Steel Plates, sections and sheets:

We offer a wide range of steel products which include channel irons, beams, angle iron, boiler plates, hard wearing, hot rolled sheets, galvanised sheets, stainless steel plates cut to size to meet different customer requirements

Pipes, fittings & flanges:

We offer various pipes, fittings, joining systems and corrosion protection options. We also source coated and uncoated steel pipe, lance tubing, Klambon, flanges and couplings. Our steel pipe solutions are ideal for various applications in different industry sectors. These include conveyance of water, slurry, air and gas.


We offer a variety of reputable oil and greases from different reputable brand names designed to meet various customers needs. Our wide range includes Compressor oils, gear oils, engine oils, general purpose greases and rope dressing.

Chemicals (Mining & Industrial):

We offer a broad range of chemicals covering mining, manufacturing and processing as well as water treatment chemicals. These are sourced from the world's leading chemical manufacturers.

Locomotives & Spares:

We supply Goodman locomotives which are manufactured by our principal Trident SA. We also provide back up and spares on all our machines through our highly trained technical back up team stationed at Shepco Industrial in Bulawayo and Harare Zimbawe respectively.

Air Loaders & Spares:

We supply Eimco & Atlas air loaders which are manufactured by our principal Trident SA. We also provide back up and spares on all our machines through our highly trained technical back up team stationed at Shepco Industrial in Bulawayo and Harare Zimbawe respectively.

Raylite Caplamps and Millenium Loco Batteries:

We supply Raylite miners cap lamps which are manufactured by our principal First national Battery. The Raylite Cap lamps are known to withstand harsh mining conditions underground and are extensively used in many mines in Africa.
We also supply Millennium locomotive traction cells which are used to power various locomotives that we supply.

Pumps, Valves & Accessories:

We supply various types of pumps to cater for the different application and work environments. Brand names are as per customer preference.

Protective Equipment:

Over the years Shemax has developed extensive knowledge of the market, experience and gained enough knowledge to know the various protective equipment requirements suited for the various operations in our sector of trade. We supply a wide range of protective clothing which include, dust masks, head, ear and eye protection, respiratory equipment including gas detector tubes and monitors amongst others to compliment our main lines.

Egoli Gumboots:

We supply an extensive range of World Class Waterproof Safety Footwear which are manufactured by our principal Wayne plastics. These are design and manufactured to meet and satisfy the stringent needs for quality and durability in the different work environments which includes mining, agricultural, food processing and construction industries.

Bova Safety Shoes:

BOVA is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovatively designed safety boots and shoes and is Southern Africas leading brand of Safety footwear and Pa ra military Combat boots. BOVA Safety Footwear is used extensively in the automotive, mining industries, heavy and light engineering sectors, civil engineering, agriculture, combat boots for defence, security and police.

Conveyor Belt:

We source a wide range of conveyor belts from reputable manufacturers which include Fabric reinforced, Steel cord belts, PVC, rubber material , heat resistant conveyor belts to cater for different applications across various sectors.

Power Transmission:

We offer a wide range of reputable power transmission brands from taper lock bushes, pulleys, sprockets, couplings, timing belts, vee belts and wedge belts amongst other products.

Mining Hoses:

We supply various types of hoses to cater for the following, slurry, waste and environmental discharges. Mining hoses supplied by Shemax trading cover a wide range of applications, including irrigation, general watering, dewatering, pump discharge, industrial wash-downs and general discharges in the various sectors.

Hoist, Scrapper Ropes and Lifting Equipment:

We also source hoist ropes, chains and scrapper ropes for mining, construction and other industrial application. These are supplied to customers specifications and we extend manufactures warranties. Test certificates are also available.

Earth moving, passenger and Truck tyres:

We supply a wide range of tyres including passenger tyres, truck tyres, agricultural implement tyres and earth movers as per our different customer requests.

Rock drilling equipment: Jackhammers & accessories:

We supply a wide range of rock drilling tools and mining equipment.

Rolling stock: 

Rails: We do all sizes of Rails and accessories including fish plates, Coach Screws, fish plate bolts and nuts and Jim crows
Axles: We manufacture different types of Axles. These include:
Cocopan Axles: Cast iron wheels single cannon box axles
Cocopan Axles: Cast steel wheels -double cannon box axles
Granby axles
Skip axles
Locomotive axles
Loader wheels
Cocopans & Granby Cars: We manufacturer various sizes of Cocopans and Granby cars.


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